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As a Complete Solutions Provider, RCJ Technologies offers to our clients a wide range of services designed to address, comprehensively, today's IT challenges in a variety of markets. We deliver targeted, market-specific solutions by leveraging our team's technical knowledge, domain expertise, and use of standard methodologies.

Our services include :
  • Customize and Software Development
  • Software Training
  • IT staff supplementation
  • Software solutions and Integration with existing systems.

Our customized Solutions:

IOMS (Information operation management system)

IOMS software can be customized easily, to manage support tickets of all types.

With IOMS you can easily and affordably execute ticket management software that is fully adapted to your business requirements. IOMS includes support ticket management best practices that adapt to your business processes. IOMS is flexible, so you can easily optimize the support ticket management process to suit your exact requirements.

IOMS is a complete system of integrated sub modules:

  • I-Management Support Forums (I-MSF)

  • I-Change Management Systems

  • I-Uni Call

  • I-IT Inventory Tracking

  • I-Ticket Management systems

  • Create Ticket

  • Manage Ticket

  • User Maintenance/System

  • Notifications

  • Reports

  • I-Disaster Recovery/knowledge Base

  • Workflow Definition and ability for link SOP for each steps

  • SOP for Database Failure

  • SOP for Hardware Failure

  • SOP for Application Failure

  • SOP for Network application


i-Management Support Forums (i-MSF) is a web based application for peer-to-peer technical support teams. I-MSF application provides online Ticket information and live update while integrating with existing ticketing system. This application provides easy access for the management to monitor the ticket activities without making a manual call.

PDAS (Process Data Analysis System) collects all the inspection data from all the manufacturing lines and provides the defect information/yield to the plant production team. It integrates with the shop floor and business systems. It collects the images and inspection data and manages it for analysis purpose through interactive scattered charts, bars, Trend charts and Pareto. It provides the instant feedback to the production engineers through Web reports.  

METRAX is an Accounting/MES Multi-Tier product developed to track the precious metal in all Manufacturing and Production Plants. Metrax not only keep tracks of  the physical precious metal at vendors, suppliers and internal customers, but also keep tracks of the Account balances for all the above.  It provides the plant accounting controllers, Division Financial controllers and Corporate level financial controller with the entire accounting reports. This product also feeds General Ledger entry to People Soft. As it is a MES product it keeps track of the metal moved through different process steps with in Plant and between plants.

SPM Data Warehouse project provides a consolidated central database of all CDT plants production data. This database provides base for all Division level reports like OEE, TAU which help in strategy Planning


Our expertise:

 RCJ provides a wide range of services to IT companies. Our expertise lies in fully understanding client needs and thereby customizing our extensively researched and workable services to their specific, unique demands/domain requirements. These range from:

ERP (Functional and Programming)
Project Management
Business Analysts
Network Administration
Web Development (Microsoft, IBM, Netscape and Sun technologies)
Database Design and Administration. (Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server,Informix, DB2/IMS)
Legacy Systems support & Programming (IBM Mainframe, AS400)
Software Engineering, Development, Implementation and Support
Corporate & End User Training
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