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RCJ Tech Solutions
is one of the rapidly growing consulting companies in Information Technology. We are an IT firm founded to address the growing demand for IT specialists which has increased enormously with the rapid growth of technology. We have a talented pool of skilled and experienced consultants specialized in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and
e-Commerce /e-Business. We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of systems integration and management consulting services related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations, with focus on SAP and e-Commerce.

We focus on increasing the standards of I.T. solutions which we provide for customers. We also provide the level of experience and expertise it takes to effectively assess, design, implement and manage technology and continuously improve our customers' I.T. operations.

We at RCJ Tech Solutions develop a value based, life time relationship with our clients and to provide the best working environment for our employees to allow them to fulfill their professional aspirations. We also believe in the constancy of learning by keeping our employees current with the rapidly changing industry by staying ahead of the learning curve. We provide the tools; information and support you need to expand your knowledge base and continue you to grow. Please visit our Services or Careers page to learn more about RCJ Tech Solutions

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