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We at RCJ Tech Solutions follow stringent screening of the candidate by review of their skill sets, sense of commitment and communication skills. Only those who meet the standards set at RCJ Tech are hired. We carefully examine the type of projects a candidate has worked on by reviewing the companies and scope of projects. Our hiring process is highlighted below.

We contact consultants referred by our sources.
Check their legal status, communication skills, professional exp & confidence levels.
Record Demographics: Pay Rate, Location Preference and type of project desired.
Review the experts feed back based on interviews.
Determine their suitability for our clients and the positions available.
Provide access to resources to sharpen their shortcomings if any.
Educate the candidate about our client's needs and our policies.
Both Full time and Contractual Opportunities.
We discuss the client requirements with the candidate and upon candidate confirmation we will arrange for an interview and make an offer. On a regular basis RCJ Tech Solution will perform a "Performance Review" on all of the candidates considering clients feedback as a major input to this process. We consider candidates with global project experience and worked with Fortunate 500 companies.
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